Saturday, 17 May 2014

Congratulations to Narendra Modi: Let's Work Towards Prosperity

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The landslide mandate handed to the Narendra Modi and BJP reflects India’s overwhelming desire for strong leadershIp that will drive change. Change in the way the country is administered; change in the way policies are framed; change in the way India does business; change in the way it engages with the world; and change in the way the government addresses the aspirations of a billion Indians.  These are tall expectations and the new government will need to take immediate steps to revive the economy to signal change. This will call for swift action to implement bold economic reforms that create jobs through massive infrastructure projects, roll back unfriendly business regulations and instead focus on speed and ease of doing business that attract large domestic and foreign investments. Above all, there is a compelling need to provide transparency and accountability through e-governance.

The new government has been provided a historic opportunity to bring positive and far-reaching change, it must do so with responsible objectivity that lifts the spirit of a billion Indians.

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